Every “How” is always confronted with a “Why” in the future. Instead of wasting precious time with complex technicalities, focus on getting the answers that will allow you to make educated decisions despite the trends or marketing campaigns.

The difference in approach is tremendous. When you ask:

1 – Why is this technology relevant to your business?

2 – How can you use this technology in your business?

The “Why” gives you an immediate answer on the impact said technology would have on your business. You know right away what to expect in the present and the future if you move forward.


The answers you get with the “How” are technical in their nature. You will start working on implementing the technology, talking about technical aspects of rolling it out, and only after you spent a long time, you will deal with the impact.

Sometimes it is too late to go back with decisions, and that is when you enter the world of fixing your business instead of creating value to your customers.

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