Be fearless with your communication

Human interactions are prone to misunderstandings and miss interpretations. It is no different when using technology to communicate. Nowadays, it is common to communicate via chat, web conferences, audio conferences, or using the written word. More then ever, your communication needs to be simple and straightforward regarding what your staff needs to address. Otherwise, you are not improving how you address issues; you only use different mediums to remain unproductive.

When addressing your leaders, team leaders and staff make it crystal clear what they need to do to reduce miscommunications.

Instead of sending an email like this:

Our company must work swiftly and productively in these extraordinary and challenging times. We have established internal rules and instructed our personnel to conduct online meetings to ensure all teams communicate well and use technology to our advantage. Together we are stronger.

Assign the task directly like this:

Can you make sure all team leaders read the memo about “how to conduct online meetings” and help them to host the first meetings to ensure they are supported? Please annotate the difficulties they face in this excel file so that we know how we can help them to address those issues in your next meeting.

Crystal clear and productive.

Don´t expect to be liked by your staff with your discourse. Your staff will respect and follow you because they feel supported and guided by your strategy, not for your elaborate speech.