“(…) I’ve been reading your comments online, and I know this waiting process has been frustrating for you.”  –  Excerpt from an email

A respectable online business owner sent an email to all his customers regarding a delay with his product delivery. He goes on to justify the difficulties faced with making and shipping the product within the promised deadline due to the situation with the COVID-19 . 

Although everybody understands the situation businesses are facing, it is hard to understand a page long of unnecessary justifications and the assumption that all your customers are frustrated and writing comments online with the delayed delivery due to this worldwide known situation.

Today’s technology allow you to personalize an email like this easily, showing your customer how much they matter to you. Saving face with a long unfriendly email, crying a little, and hoping your customers empathize with the situation you are going through sends the oposite message which will have a direct effect on your business.

Use technology responsibly to create a bond and communicate with your customers. More then ever, your customers crave for a connection, a bond, someone that understands their needs and wants. 

The competition is just one click away.